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The Realtime Payment Manager (RPM)

Your E-xact login serves as a key to your personalized management website - at your convenience wherever you have access to a browser with an Internet connection.

No limits functionality includes detailed reporting, an online virtual point of sale terminal, transaction history search, user administration, and more.

Full service reporting

RPM also includes a complete reporting package:

* Activity: all activity processed per terminal
* Deposit: all approved transactions sorted by terminal
* Declined Transactions

And each report can be downloaded, emailed, or printed off for your records.


Email Notifications

It's easy to keep on top of your transaction activity with simple email summaries delivered right to your email inbox. Your choice of daily and/or monthly email reports include summaries of account activity and totals.

Transaction Searching

We keep a complete history of your transactions and make them available through a flexible search interface. Our secure data storage capabilities means that you have access to all the information you'll need - with none of the risk.

Quickly find answers to questions about specific transactions or search for groups of transactions to learn more about how your customers do business.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information on Realtime Payment Manager.