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Hosted Payment Pages

E-commerce is a risky business. Our hosted Payment Page service, is the most secure, cost-effective option for ecommerce website merchants. Get the money, leave the risk and let E-xact shoulder the burden of PCI compliance.

No one wants to have to constantly go back and update their software. It's expensive, time-consuming, and takes focus away from your primary concern: your business.

Offload the risk and take the rewards

Develop once and reap the benefits as they're added - however many times that happens. With Payment Pages, once you're up and running adding a new feature like Verified by Visa or Paypal can take as little as one button click.

All of the benefits - none of the liability. Storing card data is a high-risk undertaking that requires constant attention and vigilance, something few merchants (if any) can afford.

Payment Pages means not having to bother with it at all. We'll host the page, secure the transaction and provide the merchant with everything they need to do manage it and get their money.

Take the payments, let us shoulder the worry. After 10 years in the business, we're used it.


How it Works

Payment Pages provides merchants with everything they need to make the entire process move
smoothly from Steps 1 through 4.

Freely customize Steps 2 and 3 to reflect your colors and logos.

In Step 4, you receive all the transactional details you'll need to update records and internal inventory.

It's simple, safe, and it works.

And you are not storing the sensitive data because you never have to handle it.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information on the hosted Payment Page solution.